At Asakhe Adendorff Auctioneers (Pty) Ltd we know that this successful close also depends on our team. A distinguished characteristic of the Asakhe Adendorff Auctioneers’ team is the integrity of our preparation. Thorough preparation requires excellent communication within the team. This is partly achieved through computer networking systems, but mainly through our culture of openness and our availability to both our internal and external customers.

Asakhe Adendorff Auctioneers (Pty) Ltd staff turnover is minimal. Recent growth and an effective system has meant that staff members with many years of experience within the organization share their skills with enthusiastic, dynamic recruits who have strengthened the team. 

Asakhe Adendorff Auctioneers (Pty) Ltd is committed to promoting the personal development and achievement of all our employees, regardless of race or gender. 

Our Staff are multilingual and current with all latest industry-specifi c computer systems. These skills ensure that auction sales are seamlessly organized and conducted at our Head Offi ce or at sites located nationally. We have a competitive team skilled in preparing and displaying goods for Auction to maximum advantage. Our marketing team have a thorough understanding of specific target markets and are able to design, compile and apply the most effective advertising strategies for these.

At Asakhe Adendorff Auctioneers (Pty) Ltd we believe that Together Everyone Achieves More. We, therefore ensure that clients using our services are fully informed about every aspect of our arrangements for the auction, as well as the execution and fi nalizing of the sale.

When most of us think of Auctioneers, we immediately envision the melodic, rhythmic chant of the auctioneer as he or she seeks bids for each item. When all bids have been exhausted, the famous “sold!” call closes the item’s sale.

Our management staff, sharing over 30 years auction exposure.