We believe that clear, compelling, ambitious goals serve as a unifying focal point of effort, and create immense team spirit:

• We are committed to optimum asset disposal management.
• We recognize quality-driven efforts from employees and allow for growth and development within the Company.
• We aim to establish solid relationships with new clients.
• We will continue to supply specialist advise and assistance to our clients to build long-lasting relationships.
• We intend to build on our existing and solid client relationships, to ensure the growth and prosperity of the clients business(es) as well as our own.
• We consider and plan for our clients’ future needs.
• We will create a performance culture in our company by practicing healthy business principles and considered business decisions.

One of our most important beliefs is the maintenance of the image of the principal for whom we are conducting the sale. The liquidation of assets should in no way infer fi nancial instability on the part of the seller.

Through long-term commitment to these mission statements, we are known as a company with integrity.

"Buyers and sellers alike Agree that Asakhe Adendorff Auctioneers’ professionalism And integrity in handling the Details of a sale set us apart" Harry Willson (Specialist Auctioneer & Owner)