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Understanding Auctions

The key elements to a successful auction are confidentiality and trust. This takes place in consultation with the auctioneer who usually makes a recommendation based on market related experience.

An auction is the ideal way to liquidate assets - it saves everyone time and money. Although the last bid at the auction depends largely on the public present at the sale, the auction concept is a win-win situation. The buyer wants the lowest price available. The seller wants the highest price. At the end of the given day, the auction’s “dynamic pricing” satisfies both sides. But holding an auction takes a bit more time than simply contacting an auctioneer and collecting the cash after the sale. For you, it means determining if your property is right for auction and finding and contracting with an auctioneer who meets your needs.

For the auctioneer, it means marketing your merchandise, preparing and conducting the sale, tallying and dividing the proceeds from that sale.

Auctioneering in the millennium is a far more competitive and much more specialized industry.

Where once simply the name of a well-known auctioneer was a guarantee of quality. Professional auctioneers like Asakhe Adendorff Auctioneers employ specialist staff to maximize customer satisfaction between buyer and seller.

The Importance of Advertising and Marketing

Over the years we have built up an effective, current, national and international mailing list of potential buyers. We have considerable experience in advertising. Advertising is an essential tool for any auctioneering company, and we know how to reach the right target market for each project - both locally and internationally. We use electronic means to reach our target market, spanning social media platforms to the use of professionally acquired lists of potential buyers. Press is a major component of our advertising campaigns, with trade publications used strategically if and where necessary in a support role we make use of posters, telephonic contact, email and fax facilities.


While less tangible, Asakhe Adendorff Auctioneers’ well established reputations are crucial of an auction. This is a blend of experience and character. An auctioneer who is trusted and respected in his/her industry will more likely attract a group of buyers willing to attend and bid at their auction.

An Asakhe Adendorff Auction

We conduct several auctions per year across the country. Our main activity has always been to evaluation and disposal of complete factories, stocks, plant and machinery covering the entire business spectrum. An important source of assets are notaries public, who act as executors of estates, liquidators and the courts. There is often urgent need to liquidate these goods and there are no reserves. Although our main business consists of sales by public auction we are equally adept at negotiating sales by private treaty.

Auction Marts

At our regular auction marts, sales are conducted on behalf of vendors where the quality of assets does not warrant a separate auction sale. In this way we are
able to combine assets in various matters, warranting substantial advertising campaigns and ensuring a full complement of prospective buyers. Sellers appreciate our innovative marketing programme, which combines advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, the Internet and other social media that reach potential buyers and turn them into bidders on auction day. All advertising campaigns and budgets are submitted to the client for approval prior to insertion. Buyers know they can count on Asakhe Adendorff Auctioneers to provide timely and complete information they need to evaluate a purchase.


At Asakhe Adendorff Auctioneers we understand the importance of auction presentation and how to gain maximum benefit from it by presenting assets in the best position to command maximum return.


Asakhe Adendorff Auctioneers meets with professional licensing requirements. Where and when necessary, we will obtain municipal permits or licenses to conduct and auction. We conduct auctions in Compliance with The Estate Agents Act 1976 (as amended). We aim to exceed CPA regulations and FICA Privacy Policy. All buyers need to have FICA Requirements.


We pride ourselves on the success stories we have to share. But don’t just take our word on this - ask us for references from former clients, to hear their thoughts on their sales.